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Meet the
Oficina3D Training

The Oficina3D Training is even more robust and complete with new classes and new modules, to deliver even more results for the students.

In my training, I use 3DSMax and Corona Renderer, the softwares used by the best studios in the market, and that give the expected result.

But I understand that with my technique you will be able to apply it to any other rendering software. This is not a 3D course. It is not a Corona course, nor a Vray course, or even a Lumion course. It is a complete training that teaches, from the technical basics of the realistic rendering, through the practical part inside a real studio (Yes! It’s not a coincidence that the training is named after the Oficina3D Studio).

I open my own studio to show how my team works, without editing or cutting, and how the delivery process of everything inside Oficina3D works, as well as the necessary quote and contract documents for you to be able to work in the real estate market.

– Ander Alencar

Watch where and when you want to

It’s to be done in your time, with recorded classes to watch and rewatch as many times as you want during the validity period.

Improve your quality and stand out

Get ahead in the market and have access to the exclusive content of those who understand the 3D rendering market.

Master the right technique

You’ll have access to the exclusive Ander Alencar methodology, founder of the Oficina3D Studio, one of the biggest architecture rendering studios in Latin America.

Two certificates

After concluding the course you’ll receive a certificate of the Oficina3D Training and one from Corona Renderer to insert in your resume and proudly hang on the wall!

Inside the

The beginning of any scene. This module has everything you need to learn regarding the fundaments of photography, composition, colors, and references. It’s the theory for you to understand how to reach the realistic rendering.

What softwares
are used in the

All the softwares used have a student or free version. Remember that the methodology Applied in the Oficina3D Training can be applied in other softwares.

Corona Renderer

Has a student version, you just need to register your data.


Has a student version, you just need to register your data.

Who is

Ander Alencar

Ander Alencar started his career in 1996 after taking an architectural drawing course. At just 15 years old he was hired by an office to be a draftsman.

It was the strong desire to draw that attracted him to the architecture field and it was in college that he became interested in animation and archviz. In 2004, he worked on the international animated feature film “Asterix and the Vikings” and after the end of production, he opened his studio, Oficina3D, serving clientes in Brazil and worldwide.

Feeling the need to share his experience, Ander Alencar started his youtube channel in 2019, where he shares weekly tutorials and experiences about the Archviz market. Also in 2019, he founded the Oficina3D Academy, where he teaches and mentors professional courses in the field.

Today Oficina3D Studio and Oficina3D Academy already have more than 80 professionals on the team. In 2020 he directed and made the short film The Last Flight, which was a finalist in the 2020 CG Architect award for best non-commissioned film.

Today, Ander’s biggest goal is to bring knowledge to everyone on his social networks for free.

How will I do it, if I never did
anything regarding 3D rendering?

The training is didactic with modules with for beginners and advanced students. The modules were separated in a way that you can understand the processes inside a real studio and that make the best ones be efficient and productive.


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